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Studying in a country abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences. It also brings about a change in the skill sets that one requires to perform well professionally.

When deciding the factors to consider between countries, there are several factors to consider. Some of them are:

  • Cost v/s ROI

  • Ranking of the university

  • Location and climate of the region

  • Scholarship and financial aid

You are permitted to switch to another course if your course or Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada has not met your expectations. 

If you make any changes to your DLI or course, you must report them to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). However, your study permit does not need to be changed.

Additionally, after you stop attending your present institution or university, you have 150 days to enroll in a new course at another DLI.

Failure to do so is regarded as a violation of the terms of your study permit. The process to switch to another course or Designated Learning Institute ( DLI ): 

  • create an online account

  • Create an account, then link your application if you submitted a paper application for your study permit.

  • your student identification number

  • It is at the top right of the permit and starts with the letter "S."

  • Have your application ready in case we need to ask you for some information from it for security purposes.

  • The designated learning institution (DLI) number of your new school

  • It is listed among the designated learning institutes.

  • your new Student ID (Student Identification Number)

  • You can find it in the letter of acceptance your new school gave to you.

  • the day you start attending your new school.

Even though you used a representative to submit your application for a study visa, you do not need one to update your DLI. 

If you switch schools without informing the IRCC, what happens?

  • You won't be listed as enrolled in classes at your former school. 

  • If you do this, you may be ordered to leave the country because you violate your study permission's terms.

  • Your future travels to Canada can be hampered by this. 

  • The future granting of a study or work permit, for instance, could not be possible for you.

Modifying your DLI if you're outside of Canada

In case your application is still pending
You can use the IRCC web form to submit a fresh letter of acceptance.
Whether your application was accepted

You must submit a new study permit application and a new letter of acceptance if your application for a study permit has already been authorized and your DLI changes. All fees associated with the new application must also be paid.


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